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  • Jon Walker

Heel Carve!

Here's a quick take of David going to town, hand carving a heel on a K2. After the sculpting is done, this guitar will be getting the "seafoam green" treatment... \m/

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Feb 01

Although I am not a Moriah Guitar owner yet, most of my modest collection of guitars have been brought to so much better playability than I thought possible. In fact, one Strat that I was ready to toss in the dust bin as DOA (after having tried everything my admittedly meager knowledge allowed) was resurrected by many Emergency Room operations and now has grown to one notch below a K2. More thanks to the Moriah Guitar doctors is not possible, I have the joy of playing every night on a very good guitar! One critique of a recording said, "That Strat sings like no other!" MachVStudios

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