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Sonovia is our nylon string classical model, with standard options including a cedar or spruce top (selected for your playing style); maple, rosewood, or mahogany back; mahogany neck; ebony fretboard and bridge; bone nut and saddle. As always, you can order your own selection of woods outside of those listed here, or select from our inventory of exotic tonewoods.

The Sonovia is hand built in the time tested methods of Spanish guitar constructed, and fits in the pantheon of great classical guitars. John Mark adds his own experience to the classical construction methods in finding the fine line for each individual piece of wood, where stability and energy transference meet.

Although we love to visit the old ways, our primary concern is creating an instrument that will inspire you, the player, so your input, your dreams, your playing style, and your musical aspirations will all play into how your Sonovia is crafted.

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