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What makes us tick?

I think if we would be honest, all of us would agree that there is something inside of us that makes us tick. Our heart has been called a “ticker” by cowboys on the silver screen. What is it that really gets us going, and keeps us focused in our lives? Could it be that aspirations like that are what anchor our determination and ultimately our satisfaction? Having a look into what could be is something we all long for, and want to be captivated by. Something in our very soul believes that there is so much more going on around us than what we can see and hear. Could it be that we have awesome intangible desires that come from outside of us, but we can make them ours? Even, maybe, things that our loving Father in heaven has prepared for us to reach for? I would say that this dynamic could be defined as “what makes us tick”. The very things that grip our excited heart, could be very well seeds of destiny that God has sown into us.

When we start to activate these desires from God, I believe that there is a chorus singing in heaven for us, encouraging us to move out and win the race. The host of all creation is cheering for God’s children to inhabit the promise in which they are called to possess. I do know for myself, that when I take such a risk, there is affirmation flowing in my soul, assuring my heart that I’m “getting it”.

When we discover and develop these dreams that make us tick, there is a release of a special atmosphere around us. This atmosphere is not only wonderful, but influential, inspirational, and transformational as well. The really cool thing about this is that everyone is totally unique and brings an element of diverse wonder to the equation. It would be sad to think that your dream was not very important. Some people have trouble believing that God cares about them. Somehow, when we get the message about God’s love and adoration for us, we can then start to activate the dreams that make us tick. The purpose for our lives begins to become clear and specific. Great joy and expectation begin to drown out the voices of doubt and depression. We are never more satisfied, than when we have aligned ourselves with God’s heart, and making that “what makes us tick”.

There is a wonderful sense for us at Moriah, that making instruments intended for worshiping the true and living God is what makes us tick. We all feel like missionaries, reaching into uncharted places, taking great risks to see this happen. The new places we are going have a new sound and feel. We don’t know exactly where we are going, but we know we are on the right track. We are overwhelmed by the fact that we can even get to do this at all. It is more than just having an awesome job. It is wrapped up in our destiny to do this. We are compelled to do it with all of our passion and energy. It is like a love affair of wonder and gravity. We are magnetized by bringing our very best to God, and give Him the attention and fame He is worthy of receiving. We hope that our effort has the effect of what it is intended for. At some point the guitars will have to do the talking for us.

It would be so cool to know that we have helped someone to play more beautifully, write more intimately, connect more completely, lead more effectively, and communicate in more heavenly ways. They are just guitars, yes, but we have made them for a special purpose.

Seeing Jesus lifted up is what makes us tick.

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