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The Name Moriah

In the days when I was searching for the name for our company, many ideas came to mind. A lot of my friends and family encouraged me to just simply call the company “Hampton Guitars”. They said it was a good sounding name and it has class, whatever that means. Have you ever been stuck trying to name something, knowing it’s really going to matter? It takes some of the fun out of it, like, what if it really stinks and no one wants to tell me until it’s too late. Also, I wanted the company to be built on more than what I bring to the table. I want this venture to be a team enterprise built on the ideas of many contributing parts, and its name should reflect that.

One night, I think it was Thanksgiving evening; I was talking to a dear friend about what to name the company. We were sitting around trying to manage that last bite of pecan pie and dowsing black coffee to keep awake. My friend Ryan asked, “How about naming it after a mountain in Israel” I started to think of mountains like Tabor, Herman, Olives, Sinai, nothing seemed to do it for me. Then I remembered hearing about this mountain called Moriah.

Mount Moriah is actually a ridge that is next to the hill of Zion in Jerusalem. Moriah has become what is now the temple mount where the Dome of the Rock stands. This is the place where Abraham was instructed by God to sacrifice Isaac, his son. At just the moment when Abraham moved to slay his son, God provided a sacrifice for them by sending a ram that was caught up in the thorny hedge nearby. This is where God is introduced to us as Jehovah Jireh; the Lord is my Provider or Provision. It was also on mount Moriah that Jacob lay down for the night as he journeyed to Laban’s house, escaping the wrath of Esau. He set his head on a stone there and dreamed of Bethel, the house of God, and the stair that came from heaven with angels going up and down. God introduced Himself there as our bread. It was on Mt. Moriah that the Lord stopped a plague that ravaged Israel, because king David had counted the nation’s population, against God’s express direction. On that parcel of land was a grain-threshing barn owned by Ornan the Jebusite, which David bought for a full price. He then offered a sacrifice in thanksgiving for stopping the plague. David knew that this was the place where he should build the house of God. This would be the place for all of Israel to come for worship. He made plans to carry this out, his heart burned in him to build the house for God to dwell among His people. We know that the task fell to Solomon, David’s son, to complete his vision and desire, because David was a man of blood and had committed murder by killing Bathsheba’s husband, Uriah. To cap off the story, it has been considered by scholars that Moriah, being a ridge, is the place where Golgotha stands, to the north of the city, outside the walls. This would indeed be like God to provide His own Son as a sacrifice, on the mountain He instructed Abraham to do the same. God knew that only a perfect offering would atone for our condition of sin, which Adam brought upon the earth through his disobedience. Death has met its match on Mt. Moriah, it could not hold Him down, but He has done it, Christ conquered death. Moriah makes me think of this place where Jesus went through so much to show us God’s love.

After finding out what Moriah is, I became totally cool with the name for our guitars. I hope you like it. It grew on me.

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