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John McGill

... During my journey through life, my relationship with God has continued to grow in so many ways to the point that when I look at David and Solomon I see that they built the best in instruments that they could humanly do under the direction of the Holy Spirit. Finally, I crossed paths with an amazing vision and builder of guitars named John Mark Hampton whose number one priority is to bring glory to God and place instruments in the hands of musicians who have a passion to serve and play for God which is also my passion.

Presently I’m playing a Moriah Tabor guitar built by John with Zakk Wylde EMG humbucker pickups. I must say that since I’ve had this guitar I have sensed and felt the presence of Yahuah Eliohim (I’m using His Hebrew name).   It’s something about playing a guitar that has been prayed over and built by the creator of life through a man that connects me to God in the way it should be done. After 7 surgeries between both hands, this guitar is easy to play on my hands which connects me to the Word; His yoke is easy and his burden is light.  I don’t have to compromise and play according to the flaws of a poorly made instrument.  An instrument that’s made with excellence allows me to play at my best skill level possible for His Glory. I’m discovering new tones of expressions, melodies, and arrangements which connect me in relationship to God in singing and playing a new song.  My playing style is changing just as my life should in a growing relationship with God. John Fitzgerald McGill is becoming a new creation. I truly say this is a Yahuah Elliohim God thing.  John Mark I honor you for your vision of Moriah in excellence patience, faith, long-suffering in building instruments for our God and Savior. Looking forward to the new Moriah guitar that we will pray and build together which will fulfill my lifelong dream.

John Fitzgerald McGill “I am FItz McGill”

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