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Jeff Siewert

... The neck is smooth and every fret is easy to play.  The very highest frets are no problem to access.  I find myself playing parts I didn’t think I could.  The tone of the guitar astounding.  When playing clean, the guitar sounds clear and full.  When running through a high-gain amp, it sounds tight, no flubbiness at all.  Playing leads on the guitar is exciting.  Each and every note comes through clearly.  The guitar absolutely sings. 

John Mark is a master craftsman.  He puts his love for the Lord, who is the true Master Craftsman, into each of his guitars.  I have had the privilege of playing other guitars he has made.  His attention to detail shines in each guitar he makes.  Every one that I have played is amazing.  I am truly honored to play such an exquisite instrument for our Savior that was made with the love of our Savior.  What a great combination. 

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