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Jon Wells 

... I had seen many pictures online. However, I had no idea of what beauty and craftsmanship awaited as I opened the cases of each of my three, yes three, Moriah guitars.

These guitars are truly a piece of playable art. The lines and the carve give testimony to John Mark Hampton's attention to detail, craftsmanship and his love of wood. Each line is incredible. No picture can capture the detail, love and time that he puts into each instrument. You have to see and play one of these guitars to truly understand the amount of detail and hand craftsmanship that goes into each one of them. The designs are classy and modern all at the same time. They are carved from hand and John Mark is a true master of his trade.


I have had many guitars through the years; everything from cheap models to professional grade, all the way up to many custom guitars. None match the lines, curves, feel and beauty of these instruments.  And believe me, it is an instrument. These guitars will not be in case or behind glass. I plan to play these guitars out every week.


John Mark is all about superior customer service and is one of the most humble and talented people you will ever meet.  The action, fit and finish of all of these guitars are all top shelf. Everything about these guitars is top shelf. They play smooth, fast and extremely comfortably. John Mark builds my necks to my exact specifications and they feel awesome in my hands.  The frets are dressed to perfection with low action, no buzz, no low spots and plays like a dream.  These guitars beg to be played and used for the Kingdom. 

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